Smart Technology Offers Competitive Edge

smart technology

Smart technology is revolutionizing the way we live, work, and do business. Cellphone smart assistants handle daily tasks with ease. Smart devices connect us to entertainment and household systems.

Companies are also increasingly turning to the Internet of Things solutions to monitor operations and automate processes. These not only enable significant efficiency gains, but also offer an important competitive edge.

Boost Asset Reliability & Performance

Every business consists of processes, facilities, and people. Until recently, each aspect was managed independently, making it difficult to manage operations effectively.

Today, with the help of smart technology, companies are becoming “living organisms”. Devices continually gather data on business functions, services, and performance.

This information is used to connect disparate systems and automate heating, cooling, ventilation, security, irrigation, and other systems efficiently. The software also learns and adapts in response to change.

Smart technology also ensures assets operate at maximum output, while meeting regulatory, stakeholder, and company requirements. Fewer equipment failures, lower emissions, and decreased energy usage boosts profitability.

Data can also optimize how companies use their spaces and reduce the environmental impact on their assets. In turn, companies create greener buildings and comply with climate change objectives.

Increase Employee Performance

Countless studies show a good physical work environment offers many positive benefits. Luckily, smart devices connect to adaptable and intelligent software to control much of the employee’s physical space.

Through the IoT, smart technology can automatically adjust lighting, air quality, temperature, and noise levels. It can also improve sanitation and hygiene to protect the individual, organization, and community.

Consequently, employee satisfaction and mental and physical well-being increases. This can reduce absenteeism and medical costs.

Optimal conditions also boost learning capacity and improve performance. Smart technologies are also cost-effective, providing an excellent ROI.

Smart Technology Improves Decision Making

Companies can greatly benefit from the data collected by smart technology. It provides real-time and historical information on how their business performs under specific circumstances.

As a result, leaders and stakeholders can make informed decisions. This can lead to consistent results and greater agility. Data-driven decisions also improve transparency and awareness throughout the organisation.

Companies can also identify new opportunities, create new products and services, or transform existing offerings to better suit client needs and business objectives. Additionally, data can provide ways to cut costs and generate more revenue.

Tap into Other Systems

The Internet of Things now offers the framework for controlling energy distribution, governance, infrastructure, healthcare, education, and more. Governments and some businesses already receive, evaluate, and manage data collectively.

Consequently, the imperative for business to move towards smart technology has never been greater. Companies do not operate in a vacuum. They need to connect to outside services and use external resources.

Customers, other businesses, and municipalities will increasingly expect companies to have smart capabilities. They must innovate to offer efficiency and convenience, but also as a competitive edge.

The demand for smart homes, smart businesses, and smart cities will continue to grow. A recent study predicts the global smart cities market will reach $2.5 trillion by 2026. Now is the time to expedite the use of digital technologies if business is to remain relevant.

Fortunately, EarlyBirds can help your business adopt smart technology and take your company further.

Access Smart Technology Intelligently

EarlyBirds can help you access appropriate smart technology. We offer expertise, Subject Matter Experts, and an expansive marketplace of new and disruptive technologies. We also offer unique programs for ad hoc or supplementary needs, as well as ongoing transformational support.

These resources can help your organisation find technological solutions, without wasting valuable resources.

EarlyBirds Innovation Ecosystem

The EarlyBirds Innovation Ecosystem is a Business-to-Business portal connecting Innovators, Early Adopters, and Subject Matter Experts. Early Adopters are leaders or influencers in an organisation eager to identify new and disruptive technologies. They want to seize opportunities, solve business challenges, or create new products and services.

The Ecosystem has a data pool of over 4 million global innovations that may already address your technological needs. Alternatively, organisations can list their challenges and request smart technology solutions from innovators.

EarlyBirds Explorer Program

The Explorer Program is tailored towards those who need innovation as a service to supplement existing innovation programs, or to conduct innovation projects when required.

EarlyBirds Challenger Program

The Challenger Program focuses on a single organisational or technical challenge. It looks for the most relevant innovators that meet your organisational, technical, and risk requirements.

The program is run by an EarlyBirds Subject Matter Expert who collects organisational requirements. The SME then searches the data pool to identify and curate options for further evaluation. The most suitable option is chosen and the SME drafts a roadmap of next steps, POC, trial, or implementation.


EarlyBirds can provide direction and expertise if your organisation wants to build smart technology capability. We can find innovative solutions and connect your organisation to appropriate disruptive technology.

We help organisations find direction and accelerate their innovation, both within their silo and through external collaboration. Our expertise in smart technology extends to many sectors including Operations & Maintenance, Energy, Education, the Public Sector, and more.

If you’re interested in partnering for success, please register at, or contact us to discuss your needs.