EarlyBirds’ Open Innovation Ecosystem Ranks First Two Years Running

EarlyBirds Open Innovation Award 2024

An open innovation ecosystem must provide easy ways for organisations to collaborate with others. Luckily, EarlyBirds does this well, which earned them top spot as Global Innovation Platform of the Year, two years running.

To win these awards, the company must go through an independent panel analysis of their domestic and international work, including strategic and complex challenges as well as innovative techniques and efficiencies.

Has EarlyBirds Received Additional Recognition?

Yes, their accolades extend beyond the Global Innovation Platform of the Year awards. They have also recognized as one of Australia’s top ten SaaS Companies to watch in 2021 and they ranked in the top 50 of the most trustworthy companies that same year. They were also recognized at the Corporate Excellence awards in 2021 and the Global Excellence awards in 2022.

What is EarlyBirds Ethos?

EarlyBirds is committed to global innovation. Their open innovation ecosystem offers the ideal place to merge creativity and technology. Consequently, collaboration between business and innovators is the norm, not an after thought. Their programs and expertise provides the means and guidance teams need to achieve their goals.

How Well Does EarlyBirds Connect Business with Innovators?

EarlyBirds has already made innovation more accessible to global businesses in many industries. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, tier one government agencies, and businesses in countless sectors.

With over 5 million innovators on board, organisations can choose from the best possible solutions presented by startups, scaleups, and mature companies.

How Does EarlyBirds’ Platform Address Business Needs?

EarlyBirds recognizes that organisations have multi-faceted needs within a fast-paced technological landscape. As a result, they focus on ways to streamline workflows and enable teams. This empowers organisations so they can discover, assess, and implement suitable new technologies which can lead to new opportunities and growth.

Additionally, EarlyBirds delves into industry trends and helps organisations bridge technological gaps. Through collaboration, organisations can realize impactful innovation, gain knowledge, and deploy groundbreaking solutions quickly.

Surpass the Competition Through Transformative Opportunities

Organisations are often scrambling to keep up with their competitors, instead of focusing on transformative opportunities. Luckily, EarlyBirds provides a hub that connects businesses with the expertise and resources needed to drive innovation and competitiveness.

Organisations can connect with industry leaders and reshape growth trajectories by leveraging EarlyBirds’ expertise and collaborative ecosystem. They offer four pathways towards successful innovation to suit your organisation and the following benefits:

  • Reduced cost of innovation
  • Quick increases in innovation capability, when required
  • Connections to the best Subject Matter Experts and innovators available
  • Simple process

EarlyBirds Innovation Ecosystem

As mentioned, our Innovation Ecosystem earned EarlyBirds the title of Global Open Innovation Platform of the Year 2023 and 2024. This platform allows both innovation and strategic thinking in all areas of a business, whatever the technical or business challenge or potential opportunity your organisation wants to explore.

EarlyBirds unites Innovators, Early Adopters, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to fuel rapid innovative adoption and business evolution. Early Adopters are leaders eager to identify new and disruptive technologies. They want to seize opportunities, solve business challenges, or create new products and services.

The EarlyBirds’ Ecosystem has a data pool of over 5 million global innovations across many industries with solutions that may already address your organisation’s challenges. Alternatively, organisations can list their challenges and request solutions from innovators.

EarlyBirds Ecosystem Maps

EarlyBirds’ offers Ecosystem Maps to help organizations address pressing issues. Each contains startups, scaleups, and mature companies involved in specific themes and sub-themes so organisations can plot a path towards innovation. The maps also track numerous daily and historical news and media articles from across the world.

EarlyBirds Explorer Program

The Explorer Program is tailored towards those who need innovation as a service to supplement existing innovation programs, or to conduct innovation projects when required. It is designed to speed up the process of technological innovation for the organisation, as a service.

The Explorer program includes several features such as quarterly and monthly innovation days; regular webinars to help stimulate innovation in the organisation; a focus on types of innovations; a platform enterprise license; and a nominated SME for the business.

EarlyBirds Challenger Program

The Challenger Program focuses on a single organisational or technical challenge. It looks for the most relevant innovators that meet your organisational, technical, and risk requirements.

The program is run by an EarlyBirds Subject Matter Expert who identifies your key issues. The SME then searches the data pool to identify and curate options for further evaluation. The most suitable option is chosen and the SME drafts a roadmap of next steps, POC, trial, or implementation.


EarlyBirds can help your organisation as they have successfully helped so many others. They’ve worked with those in the Public Sector, Food Industry, Retail, Healthcare, Operations & Maintenance, Manufacturing, Finance & Insurance, Energy, Education, Cybersecurity, Space and Satellite, and can help you too.

EarlyBirds can guide you towards appropriate innovations and partnerships that can reduce risk, amplify resources, solve problems, and spur innovation.

Organisations can register independently at https://earlybirds.io/. Alternatively, those unsure of which option is best suited to their needs can schedule a consultation. EarlyBirds offers an individualized approach to ensure you find the best possible solutions.