Australian Security Summit 2022 (AuSec)

Global tensions are escalating, and Australia’s security outlook is more complex than ever as threats continue to rise against our values and sovereignty. The challenges facing the nation are numerous, varied and actors are employing evolving techniques of approach to gain a tactical advantage.

The world is encountering a different approach to warfare, in the arena of cyber, and there is a hunger for intelligence and the power it wields. To defend and protect our national interests, people, systems, and infrastructure we need to think differently. A unified, robust approach is necessary to aid in the defence of our capabilities, safeguard our communities and keep our borders secure.

Coming back to you in-person for it’s 8th year, the Australian Security Summit 2022 has a new focus on terrorism and communities, cyber security and national security innovation, and brings together leaders to examine in-depth these areas that remain paramount to national security.

EarlyBirds is exhibiting at AuSec.