Join the EarlyBirds Marketplace team and their independent SME Consultants in a facilitated session where you can learn about the challenges experienced by Innovators and Early Adopters navigating the ‘valley of death’. This is the deep curve in the span of time from idea to commercial success or where Early Adopter innovative ideas languish and do not proceed.

The amazing panel will share experiences of working with both Innovators and Early Adopters who are currently traversing the valley.

As an Innovator, Early Adopter or an SME consultant, you will be able to share your experiences, put forward ideas and seek advice on how to navigate the valley.

This session is built on a previous workshop in late 2019 about the EarlyBirds B2B marketplace platform that connects Innovators with Early Adopters for mutual business outcomes.

We will explore potential opportunities for both Innovators and Early Adopters especially during this COVID-19 pandemic; and discuss the Innovate with Startups ™ Program, a key initiative that helps all three groups to deliver real value in actionable innovation.

This session will be followed by (2) two further sessions:

1. Pitches from Innovators (2) and Early Adopters (2) – Q&A on Thursday 30th April

2. Innovator and Early Adopter Case Studies on Thursday 28th May



Jeff Penrose

Co-founder EarlyBirds Marketplace, public and private sector experience local and international including Startups and Scaleups, large multinational product, solution and consulting companies.

Janaki Ramachandran

Independent Management Consultant and multifaceted Strategic Leader with international experience who has transformed private and public sector enterprises to growth through implementing strategies in innovation, entrepreneurship, governance, operational improvement, business development and customer experience.

Kris Poria

Co founder EarlyBirds Marketplace, entrepreneur local and international, business owner, large corporate and multinational product and systems integrator companies.