29 March 2022

Back for its 4th year, despite the impact of COVID – 19, this event will explore four main pillars essential to innovation – strategy, customer-centricity, culture + leadership and technology.


Innovation and disruption are synonymous with the way we do business.

Especially in 2021.

Never has there been more threat and uncertainty to the way in which we do business than we are experiencing right now. But those organisations that adapt and respond agilely to both opportunity and threat are placed to thrive in this uncertain business environment. The companies that incorporate innovation are more sustainable, better placed to meet customer expectations and achieve better results for employees and shareholders. What do those companies have that yours does not?

Find out more at Disruptive Innovation 2022 https://www.theleadershipinstitute.com.au/disruptive-innovation-summit/ 

 29 - 31 March 2022 Sydney

INTERCONTINENTAL SYDNEY DOUBLE BAY, 33 Cross Street Double Bay, New South Wales

This event showcases the world’s most innovative companies and shares with you what they do differently. Each and every company showcased on the exceptional speaker panel has been selected from the world’s most innovative companies list from either the Financial Review, Forbes or Boston Consulting Group.

Featuring 6 keynote speakers from Silicon Valley’s best and brightest, added to our homegrown innovation experts – you won’t find a better line-up willing to share their insight and expertise with you. This program has been specially curated to help you get into the minds of the experts, sharing their lessons learned, their mindset and their innovation outlook. We don’t just want you to listen to session after session, we want you to get involved, ask questions and immerse yourself in the issues.



  • Adapt to the disruption of 2020-21
  • 5 International Speakers from 5 of the world’s most innovative companies
  • Adopt the innovation mindset of successful modern leaders
  • Commercialise good ideas and change the innovation landscape of your company
  • Lead and grow innovation in your company culture
  • Understand the psyche of innovations that have changed the world
  • BONUS: Learn from the world’s most innovative companies – handpicked from the Financial Review, Forbes and Boston Consulting Group’s global innovative companies index


  • Chief Executive and Board
  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Executive Leadership teams in:
  • IT and Technology
  • Strategy and Transformation
  • Product

More information, please check https://www.theleadershipinstitute.com.au/disruptive-innovation-summit/