EarlyBirds OSINT Platform Enabling the Growth of the Advanced Space Manufacturing Sector

EarlyBirds is a cutting-edge platform with services that helps bring together early adopter companies, innovators, and subject matter experts for their common good. This global Open Innovation Ecosystem and OSINT platform can be very useful to those in many different sectors of business. Something that even includes those businesses and innovators that want to bring to market products and services that can benefit the advanced space manufacturing sector. Those connected with the advanced space manufacturing sector are now turning to EarlyBirds more than ever before to fill in the gaps that will ultimately lead them to their best chance of success.

Kris Poria, the co-founder of EarlyBirds, cited a report by the European Space Agency that states why new opportunities have arisen for early-adopter companies and innovators in the advanced space manufacturing sector. This report says that going to new places in space and doing new things in the space environment demands that innovative technologies, novel materials, and new manufacturing techniques be developed. He mentioned that some of the key factors in this process will be advanced digitalization technologies and the cooperation between governments, private sectors, academia, and other important players from various parts of society. Examples of important technologies that will play a key role in advanced space manufacturing include 3D printing, virtual testing, and big data-driven quality control processes that can alter the manufacturing supply chain and progressively increase customer value and supply chain efficiency.

The company co-founder mentioned that other reports echo this sentiment as to the role that early innovator companies and innovators will play when it comes to developing products and services that are related to advanced space manufacturing. A recent NASA report named five emerging advanced manufacturing technologies that are currently being further developed by them. A list that includes such advanced space manufacturing technologies as modular fixturing for assembly and welding applications, the use of beam deflection to control electron-beam wire depositioning, and the development of variable-power handheld laser torches. He pointed out that these are technologies that can greatly aid such aspects of advanced space manufacturing that reduce costs and development time. The report gave as an example cutting-edge space launch systems that now feature booster rockets that can be safely landed and reused again. Poria also referred to a recent Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report titled ‘Space Economy for People, Planet, and Prosperity’. This article’s main theme is that space technologies will play a key role in furthering social well-being and sustainable growth. The biggest hurdle to the development of these important space technologies are skills gaps, the availability of informed personnel, and finding those with knowledge of the cost efficiency and sustainability of critical space infrastructure.

Poria went on to talk about how those early adopter organizations with ambitions in the advanced space manufacturing industry can use their Open Innovation Ecosystem to fill in the gaps that are keeping them from being successful with appropriate innovators and subject matter experts/consultants. He says this is made entirely possible by their award-winning platform that is full of global big data on skilled innovative companies, subject matter experts, and early adopter businesses that have aspirations when it comes to bringing to market new advanced space technologies and services. Those that seek help from EarlyBirds by using their Open Innovation Ecosystem can also count on this platform to be updated every day.

The company co-founder added that their large database of those capabilities that are essential to developing and bringing to market new space technologies and services should continue to grow as the important space manufacturing sector further takes shape. Once an early adopter company or innovator realizes this big picture scenario, they can clearly see how the EarlyBirds platform and services can be very useful in such areas as identifying new and existing technologies, solving business and technical challenges, filling in gaps for research and development, identifying partnerships, and helping to grow sovereign capabilities. Poria stated that they are always happy to further discuss with interested parties how the company and their platform and services  can bring together early adopter businesses, innovators, and subject matter experts with ambitions in the advanced space manufacturing sector.