The EarlyBirds Platform Offers a Solution to Those Looking to Get Ahead in the Environmental Intelligence Monitoring Realm

EarlyBirds has had great success enabling early adopter businesses, innovators, and subject matter experts to help them better meet their end goals. This has been achieved by means of its creative and award-winning Open Innovation Ecosystem platform and services. The platform has over 4.5 million startup, scaleup and mature innovators that helps companies, individuals, and organisations resolve business and technical challenges quickly by allowing them to explore disruptive business models, solutions & innovations. Recent successes have been experienced by those using the EarlyBirds Open Innovation Ecosystem to advance in such areas as net zero goal achievement, advanced space monitoring systems and much more. Now the company’s platform is helping companies, individuals, and organisations find solutions in the environmental intelligence monitoring realm.

EarlyBirds co-founder, Jeff Penrose, says, “Perhaps there is no bigger debate taking place today than the matter of climate change. But all signs point to this being very real and very concerning. That’s why so many companies, individuals, and organisations are now looking at the many opportunities that are now becoming available in the environmental intelligence monitoring area.”

Penrose referred to an article on the matter that was recently published in the Washington Post which states, “More than 4 in 10 Americans live in a county that was struck by climate-related extreme weather last year  and more than 80 percent experienced a heat wave.” While news such as that is alarming, he said that the good news is there has been a surge in environmental intelligence advances and now people are looking to take advantage of those and expand upon them. This is happening because of government entities and businesses better applying the burgeoning amount of publicly available data that is being generated on climate change. This has created the need for a slew of new products and services that will better enable governments, businesses, and consumers to face the challenges that climate change has brought to the world today. The company’s co-founder admitted that sadly these new products and services in the area of climate change can’t bring back homes or lives lost, but they may prove to be a very useful tool for reducing climate change risk and uncertainty in the future.

The company’s co-founder went on to say that environmental intelligence and monitoring systems make use of artificial intelligence (AI) methods that can monitor the environment, natural resources, and climate change. They can then be used as tools to implement further climate change strategies. The idea is that when new cutting-edge environmental digital technologies are implemented it can bring about improved green technologies that can help prevent climate change or even reverse it. Penrose gave as an example a Stanford University report that noted there are now over 900 Earth-observing satellites in space. Because these are linked to an emerging network of ground-based sensor technologies (technologies that track the movement of water, ecosystems, and chemical buildups in the Earth’s soils and the atmosphere), they are now being used to create sophisticated models to help government entities, businesses (, and organisations better understand climate change, prepare for its consequences, and come up with new solutions to slow it down or prevent it altogether above it.

Penrose says the EarlyBirds Open Innovation Ecosystem can enable those that have new environmental intelligence and monitoring system ideas and early adopter companies looking for unique solutions in this area. He explained, “EarlyBirds can help all types of businesses looking to find, evaluate and implement ‘environmental intelligence and monitoring systems’. Not every solution will meet the unique needs of every organisation, therefore it is necessary to understand what outputs will be needed to inform strategic planning and operational decision-making. Once this is understood, EarlyBirds can apply its award-winning platform and services to find, evaluate and test the best solutions to meet these needs.” It was added by him that a climate change ecosystem map may be the best way to approach this along with it also being able to aid other corporate climate change or decarbonisation programs. Alternatively, it was also suggested that the EarlyBirds Challenger program could also be used as an effective means to solve this complex but important problem.

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