ThinkPlace and Early Birds Join Forces to Bring Actionable Innovation to Private, Public and Not-for-Profit Sectors

The Agreement will combine the design thinking and global change-making capabilities of ThinkPlace with the Early Birds Marketplace global technology ecosystem of Innovators, Early Adopters and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The goal of the Agreement between ThinkPlace and Early Birds recognises the significant benefits to be gained through a collaborative approach focusing on the intersection of capabilities each party brings to locations they currently operate within Australia and globally.  

ThinkPlace is an award-winning team that exists to make positive change in the world, helping leaders to tackle complex challenges that cause others to throw up their hands in frustration. ThinkPlace combine the capability in design thinking, behavioural insights and big data as well as a commitment to pioneering mindsets, methods and tools that place it at the 'bleeding edge' of global change-making. 

ThinkPlace is committed to driving change from within the system by partnering with forward-thinking leaders in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. 

Early Birds Marketplace is an open innovation platform comprising an ecosystem of technology innovators, early adopter businesses and subject matter experts, specifically designed to solve business challenges with innovative technology solutions.  The mission of EarlyBirds is ‘Engaging Society in Actionable Innovation’. 

The Early Birds ecosystem provides ThinkPlace with access to over 1.1 Million global tech innovators and two key innovation programs called Challenger and Explorer. The Challenger program is a highly focused series of activities designed to solve business challenges using disruptive technology in short cycles. The Explorer program is designed for an enterprise needing services to proactively drive innovation for a business unit or across the organisation.  This included innovation days, regular webinars from Innovators and a dedicated SME to supplement or run corporate innovation programs. 

Through the Agreement both ThinkPlace and Early Birds will act as a service provider to each other and join forces to develop combined value propositions incorporating service design enabled by innovative technology.  

Mr. Dean Johnson, CEO of ThinkPlace, said: ‘This Agreement with Early Birds is timely in the evolution of the services ThinkPlace provides to its clients. Digitalisation and the impact of disruptive technology is central to many of the organisational development initiatives our clients are tackling. The ability to interact with Early Birds extensive global ecosystem of tech innovators will add significant value to the business transformation outcomes our clients are seeking’.  

Jeff Penrose, Co-Founder of EarlyBirds Marketplace said: “There is real desire by ThinkPlace to proactively promote innovation with its clients and consider solving business challenges with disruptive technology.  This Agreement will help ThinkPlace and their clients achieve their digital transformation goals and the goal of EarlyBirds to ‘Enable Society with Actionable Innovation’. 


For more information: 

Contact:  Jeff Penrose, Co-Founder Early Birds Marketplace 

Telephone:  +61 405 403 205 




Contact:  Dean Johnson, CEO ThinkPlace 

Telephone:  +61 478 133 710