How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Organisations

EarlyBirds, the company that operates the EarlyBirds Marketplace, a business to business (B2B) open ecosystem designed for Innovators and Early Adopters to exchange value, wants to emphasise how artificial intelligence is helping organisations. EarlyBirds is a company that helps businesses, and their leaders apply innovations from disruptive innovators to transform their business in just a few weeks. Advancements in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing are making artificial intelligence a power tool for businesses and organisations.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, initially had the goal of developing human-like intelligence that allows a machine to learn, plan, reason, process natural language, or perceive things. With the Internet, AI has rapidly advanced and may soon significantly affect people’s daily lives. Examples of AI applications are personal assistants like Alexa and Siri and it is expected that AI will play a key role in self-driving cars. Other examples of AI applications include an AI-enabled writing assistant for writers that helps with grammar, spelling, plagiarism alerts, and conciseness. AI can also be used in the medical industry where it will collect and examine large amounts of medical and clinical data, allowing the customisation and optimisation of treatments.

An important question with regards to the application of AI for business organisations is how to choose the right AI solution for a particular business. It is vital to go beyond the hype and to really understand what a particular AI software can really do. For example, when it comes to customer support, AI software must help with certain goals, such as gaining deeper insights into customers through support data; enhancement of agent retention and training; ensuring that support answers are always precise and up-to-date; faster response times; and more.

It is important to note that businesses who are considering the possible use of AI for their enterprise should start with what they want to achieve in their business outcomes and goals. The goal is not to use AI per se but to achieve a particular business outcomes. For instance, the business outcome could be to get more customers, minimise operational costs, and boost profits. The next step would to be to find out how AI can help in achieving those outcomes. AI software may be used to analyse the various customers that the business has so far, especially those who are repeat customers and make substantial purchases. AI can be used to examine various details about these customers and come up with a way to look for such people who may then be targeted in the business’ marketing efforts.

Meanwhile, Pramod Singh, an AI leader at EarlyBirds and the Founder and CEO of Prama AI, says, “AI and machine learning solutions can help make sense of big data, unravelling certain patterns that might not have been noticed without the help of AI. Various results may be achieved by such applications, including improvement of business agility, boosting of sales, increase in profits, reduction of costs, improvements in customer service, better regulatory compliance, enhancement of employee productivity, and more.”

EarlyBirds comes into the picture by providing an open innovation ecosystem that Early Adopters of disruptive technology can convert organisational strategy and business outcomes into actionable innovation. Through their Explorer and Challenger programs, highly skilled independent consultants or subject matter experts (SMEs) in a particular field, can work with business people and executives on the potential applications of AI to achieve certain business goals and outcomes.

The Early Birds Explorer program provides innovation as a service to the organisation. It offers: a nominated SME for the specific business; platform enterprise licenses; access to various innovation boost webinars; and a focus on the target area for the innovations. The Challenger program is for organisations that want to focus on a specific problem for the enterprise.

Those who are interested in learning more about the EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem and how it can help them adopt relevant technology to enhance their business operations may want to check out the Early Birds website or contact them on the phone or through email.