Development of a Digital Transformation Strategy for Operations and Maintenance

EarlyBirds, the company that operates a business to business (B2B) open ecosystem designed for innovators and early adopters to exchange value, has released an e-book that explains the development of a digital transformation strategy for operations and maintenance. While digital technology is already being used for operations and maintenance, there are disruptive technologies that have been speeding up development in this particular sector. Readers of the e-book will learn how to digitize their equipment and manage facilities through the use of the EarlyBirds worldwide ecosystem of innovations to solve the various challenges. This e-book can be downloaded from their site.

The technology may have to do with highly customised applications for operations and maintenance that address B2B transactions designed for specific needs. This may have service-based and highly specialised solution-oriented software components, systems, and digital tools to assist in making faster and better decisions.

A spokesperson for EarlyBirds says, “Operations and maintenance need to develop a new mindset and digital transformation agenda. It is not enough to simply provide the symptoms of a problem when a holistic strategy is required to address such business challenges. Progressive companies are already applying innovative solutions to boost their efficiency, enhance safety, ensure compliance, and minimise costs. The operations and maintenance sector may now be able to benefit from an open innovation ecosystem and the EarlyBirds framework to speed up their enterprise transformation process and reduce the complexity and the time to provide tangible business results.”

The EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem is made up of the Explorer and Challenger programs. Its purpose is to help early adopters transform organisational strategy into actionable innovation. Independent consultants with the skills and experience serve as the leaders of the Explorer and Challenger programs. They are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in their own fields and they are ready to work closely with business units, external and internal stakeholders, and innovation teams, to define and solve the business challenges that they are facing.

The primary aim of the Explorer program is to deliver innovation to the whole organisation as a service or supplement internal resources and this includes subscription to the platform. The Explorer program offers: a platform enterprise licenses; weekly webinars designed to help stimulate innovation in the organisation; a nominated Subject Matter Expert for the enterprise; a focus on a specific area of innovations; and innovation days held monthly and quarterly. In this program, an SME will also be assisting the organisation in determining opportunities for introducing innovators that can provide the appropriate solutions to business problems.

The Challenger program is designed for people who want to focus on a particular business challenge for the organisation. There are various salient features of this particular program, such as: a roadmap of different options to be provided to the customer after the program has been completed; provision of assistance by the EarlyBirds SMEs in determining business challenges and then determining potential innovators that may be suitable for each specific challenge; and identifying specific business problems and assessing the various available actionable innovations.

EarlyBirds is a company that is aimed at assisting businesses and their leaders to implement various innovations from disruptive innovators to transform their business into a more productive and efficient enterprise. Meanwhile, developers of disruptive technologies can get access to the Early Birds open innovation ecosystem to bring their solution to the market and commercialise it to establish their strategic advantage. Different types of self-service platform subscriptions are available for technology developers. These are the Basic, Entrepreneur, Explorer, and Enterprise subscriptions.

The Basic subscription is free of charge and it simply enables the user to login and list one innovation, challenge or service and then search for listed challenges, services, and innovations. The Entrepreneur subscription permits the user to search for and list multiple innovations, services, or challenges, including a search of over 1.2 million global  innovators. The Explorer subscription provides access to everything in the Entrepreneur subscription but includes an unlimited search for worldwide innovators, including access to disruptor webinars every week. The Enterprise subscription covers the whole enterprise and users get access to an SME and additional support.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services offered by EarlyBirds may want to visit their website or contact them through the telephone or via email.