The 10 Most Prominent CEO Leaders in 2021 – SwiftNLift cover page features Kris Poria of EarlyBirds

SwiftNLift a Business Magazine, US Edition, features Kris Poria on its magazine cover page as part of the 10 Most Prominent CEO Leaders in 2021.  EarlyBirds and Kris was chosen due to the vision and value provided to the business community through business transformation with early innovation. Kris as also featured in the CIO Views recently amongst The 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders Making a Difference, 2021.

As per the interview, Kris said about the journey of EarlyBirds, “All individuals and enterprises, in my opinion, are eventually offering services to our society. Our civilization is on the verge of becoming a machine-enabled society in the coming decades, and EarlyBirds' mission is to "Engage Society in Actionable Innovation!"

With our Open Innovation Ecosystem, which includes Innovators (Startups, Scaleups, and Mature Organizations), Early Adopters (Private and Public Organizations looking to solve their business and technical challenges), and Subject Matter Experts - SMEs, everything we do at EarlyBirds is enabling this vision (Domain and Industry experts). We connect these three parties through the platform, where our SMEs deliver our specialised programmes.”

When asked about the obstructions faced at the time of inception, Kris said, “Almost all potential clients, investors, and Subject Matter Experts agreed on the potential of the idea because it was so unique. The difficulty was that we were trying to get three sides together to address complex challenges, so there were a lot of reliance on getting the focus right at the appropriate time.”

As per SwiftNLift, Kris' inspiration for EarlyBirds stemmed from a problem he saw while working on a huge transformation project, where a disruptive startup solution could have been deployed instead of lengthy initiatives to develop new products from the ground up.

Edzlity (Edge and Agility) is a framework that EarlyBirds created to assist organisations in becoming Self-Learning organisations. With their platform, products, and programmes, they continue to develop goods and align their services to achieve these goals.

As per Kris, our society gradually automates the majority of basic human needs, the IT industry will play an increasingly important role. Most of the stumbling hurdles have taught him new ways to think, improve, learn, and serve. Kris couldn't understand anything for the first three months of his first English-medium college when he was 16, but it taught him patience and opportunity through these kind of early challenges in his life. Managing his time and priorities as a 21-year-old with a family and two businesses was a huge assistance. Working in numerous worldwide locations such as Europe, the United States, and finally, Australia has further strengthened Kris’ understanding of diverse people, cultures, and believe that success in anything begins with an attitude, not with talents.

EarlyBirds is an Open Innovation Ecosystem (Innovators, Subject Matter Experts (SMES) and Early Adopters using platform and innovation programs – the Challenger and the Explorer delivers to their vision. The Challenger program is to solve one business or technical challenge at a time and the Explorer program is to provide ongoing innovation as a service to the whole organisation.

EarlyBirds platform scouts over 1M Global Innovators, have over 100 SMEs and now over 500 organisations registered on the platform.

EarlyBirds offers two options to the market – Self Service platform subscription that customers can search Innovators to identify solutions or innovations to solve their challenges or SME assisted programs to deliver a solution to any business or technical challenges or ongoing innovation as a service.