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9 August 2021

EarlyBirds delivers progressive learning throughout all business functions while exploring disruptions for solving critical business problems through solutions based on disruptive technologies, processes, and models. Currently, the EarlyBirds platform has a huge swathe of data of more than 1 million innovators, including start-ups, scale-ups and mature organisations, along with more than 100 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and more than 500 organisations registered on the platform. 

6 August 2021

Achieving “net zero” is important as a way to counteract global warming, which scientists claim can lead to more intense and more frequent drought, heat waves, storms, and rising sea levels, melting glaciers and warming oceans. This, in turn, can directly harm animals and destroy the places they live, and may negatively impact people's livelihoods and communities. Furthermore, as greenhouse gases increase in the atmosphere, dangerous weather events become more severe and more frequent.

3 August 2021

EarlyBirds suggests that hybrid actionable solutions can be used to open a country and avoid any further impact on its economy. Hybrid solution means a country is operating while managing the society effectively and this kind of solution can be achieved using trial of innovative solutions in different areas. EarlyBirds cofounders Kris Poria and Jeff Penrose said, “We know this is a wicked problem to solve while we are working through the vaccination programs and various evolving strains but unfortunately many states governments and countries have not been looking at how disruptive innovation could assist us. While we know this will be a challenging task, EarlyBirds is open to explore this with a right partner who can collaborate with us on this journey”.

28 July 2021

Both  Kris  and  Jeff  believe  that  there  is  much  to  do in  their  roles  to  achieve  their  vision  and  goals.  Kris adds  that some  of  the  more  important  things  to  do  include  engaging  with  true  Early  Adopters  who  fully  understand  the  benefits  of  being  innovative.  This means moving on from ‘business as usual’, challenging yourself  and  your  organisation  to  actively  work  on gaining a business Edge and defining what it means to be truly Agile.

20 July 2021

A smart home and building is equipped with sensors, microchips, and actuators, in order to gather data and manage it according to the homeowner’s preferences or a business’ functions and services. The result is that property owners and facility managers are able to boost asset reliability and performance, which minimizes energy use, decreases the environmental impact of buildings, and optimizes how space is used.

18 July 2021

SwiftNLift a Business Magazine, US Edition, features Kris Poria on its magazine cover page as part of the 10 Most Prominent CEO Leaders in 2021.  EarlyBirds and Kris was chosen due to the vision and value provided to the business community through business transformation with early innovation. Kris as also featured in the CIO Views recently amongst The 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders Making a Difference, 2021.

16 July 2021

The Australian Business Journal’s (ABJ) later explains how EarlyBirds fills this role in its own unique way. It states, “Through the EarlyBirds platform organizations can source disruptive innovators quickly. SMEs deliver specialized programs to solve specific business or technical challenges and provide ongoing innovation as a service. EarlyBirds’ Open Innovation Ecosystem includes over a million innovators and over a hundred SMEs, and it continues to grow.”

8 July 2021

Early Birds is an innovation ecosystem that brings together early adopters and innovators to solve real-world business challenges. Kalkine TV is a media publisher that brings together industry leaders, successful business owners, and market and equity advocates all under one roof to help its viewers discover insights about the stock market and discover multiple passive income streams.

6 July 2021

EarlyBirds is using its big data pool of well more than 1 million global innovators to create a comprehensive cybersecurity innovation capability view for CISO teams. The global view of cybersecurity will be in the form of an innovation map broken down into key thematic areas and sub-themes. Users can look at the entire ecosystem of cybersecurity or drill into a specific theme or sub-theme and identify solution options or emerging technologies based on maturity, location, and many other attributes. CISOs and their teams can use the data and EarlyBirds processes to quickly solve challenges or seize opportunities or evaluate options before going to market. The innovation search function allows CISO’s to identify local sovereign innovators to support and nurture local startups, scaleups, and mature businesses. The EarlyBirds cybersecurity innovation map can be linked to an organization’s strategic and operational cybersecurity plans and operations.

23 June 2021

The Australian Government has established the National Artificial Intelligence Centre, investing $53.8 million over four years, with the goal of stimulating business adoption of AI technologies by coordinating AI capabilities and expertise in Australia. The Australian government has also been providing $33.7 million to support Australian businesses over a span of four years to allow these businesses to partner with government to pilot projects for AI-based solutions to national challenges.

17 June 2021

The Chief Architect, also known as Chief IT Architect or Enterprise Architect, is a C-Level executive, whose responsibility is to carefully find ways of centralising IT functions so that the various departments of the company would be able to work with each other seamlessly. The design of the IT infrastructure is one of the key concerns of the Chief Architect. Infrastructure design can have a significant effect on the performance of an IT organisation, and the Chief Architect has a vital role in constructing or buying the technology that will assist an enterprise to comply with its business goals. To that end, the Chief Architect has the responsibility of solving integration problems and synchronizing technology frameworks across the various business units of the organisation.

15 June 2021

In establishing EarlyBirds, it arose as an inspiration by bringing together experiences, passion, and services with the goal to deliver better value to society. Both Kris and his co-founder, Jeff Penrose, have similar experiences as far as starting their career in the public sector and living and working in different countries. They work closely together, and both understand that they have to combine their experiences and passion while truly understanding what they want to deliver and what value they can offer.