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8 April 2021

The problem with trying to innovate in-house solutions to solve business challenges is that the organisation will need to sacrifice time, money and manpower that should be spent on other critical operations. Also, once a business challenge is defined and the search commences to identify a suitable solution the number of options available globally can be overwhelming. However, amongst this large pool of innovative solution there will be options that could transform your business. The business dilemma is knowing how to balance competing priorities for finite scarce and understanding how to navigate the complexities of identifying innovative solutions.  

30 March 2021

Human activity has been a threat to the planet’s wildlife for a while, as humans have used nature and wildlife for their advantage for centuries. The planet's wildlife has been under threat from various kinds of human activities. This has caused environmental damage, which includes habitat destruction, illegal wildlife trade, the spread of invasive species and diseases and the impact on these interferences on the Earth's climate. However, with advanced and innovative technology, humanity is now working to preserve and rebuild the environment in innovative ways. EarlyBirds is working towards bringing together innovative minds who are redefining the use of technology in conservation efforts.

24 March 2021

The technology may have to do with highly customised applications for operations and maintenance that address B2B transactions designed for specific needs. This may have service-based and highly specialised solution-oriented software components, systems, and digital tools to assist in making faster and better decisions.

18 March 2021

Startups and scaleups have the technology, speed, talent, and enthusiasm often missing in large or established businesses. Businesses who partner with startups and scaleups are able to create synergies between the previously mentioned advantages of these relatively new companies. They come with the domain expertise, brand, assets, and the resources of established companies that can result into real innovation, that in turn brings more revenue.

12 March 2021

Product Managers can stimulate company-wide innovation in a number of ways. First, they can encourage employees throughout the organisation to come up with innovative ideas and make the sharing of such ideas a fun activity. Second, they can share what they are currently working on to the entire company. This can encourage various employees to come up with creative ideas on how to further improve the product or offer a solution to a particular problem. Third, they can encourage creative thinking in the whole organisation. Fourth, they can foster a company-wide focus on the organisation’s vision. And lastly, they can promote cross-functional collaboration through the establishment of innovation teams.

11 March 2021

The 2-day event will bring together investors, technology companies, Government, universities, and industry to discuss how to foster investment in new and innovative technologies to help solve the urgent challenges of the energy and mining sectors, with a particular focus on cleantech and digital technologies to fast-track decarbonisation efforts.

2 March 2021

Quantum computing is a drastic leap from current computing technology. While conventional computers use bits, which can either be 1 or 0, quantum computers use quantum bits or qubits. This allows the representation of information as vectors. Several dimensions of processing can occur in a qubit, and as more qubits are used, they can be interlinked such that the computing power grows exponentially. This is why it can undertake cryptography much faster and impossible with conventional computing technology.

25 February 2021

According to some statistics, the percentage of AR users is expected to become 17% by 2022 which is almost a fifth of the consumer market. As consumer hardware gets lighter, faster, more power-efficient, and as companies get used to the AR user interface paradigms, this rate of adoption is on track to steadily increase.

19 February 2021

Artificial intelligence, or AI, initially had the goal of developing human-like intelligence that allows a machine to learn, plan, reason, process natural language, or perceive things. 

18 February 2021

CDAO Financial Services Online Asia will focus on how organisations are uncovering maximum value from their data and analytics assets and embedding their data strategy within day-to-day processes, through live interviews and interactive panel discussions with Chief Data Officers from UOB, Bank of Singapore, Standard Chartered, FWD Insurance, plus many, many more. Specific focus will be given to how the financial services industry is handling the challenges of risk management, compliance, regulation, governance, metadata, and operationalising AI.

16 February 2021

Current renewable energy adoption is on the rise in countries all around the world. In 2019, approximately 11% of global energy was produced through renewable technologies. The global renewable energy market was valued at $928 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2025. There is a huge opportunity in setting up services that ride this wave of progress. Currently, renewable energy is hampered by the lack of funding in research and the high cost of materials and technology.

9 February 2021

Leaders of colleges, universities, and other types of higher learning institutions may wonder how EarlyBirds can help them. The answer lies in the effectiveness of their ‘Innovation Ecosystem’. They have created such platforms as their Early Birds Platform. This platform is a dedicated ecosystem that can bring together the leaders of higher education facilities with tech innovators, early adopter leaders, and SME consultants. This then facilitates the ongoing collaboration and exchange of actionable innovation between these parties to come up with a ground-breaking growth solution for a higher learning institution.