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16 November 2020

“The release of EarlyBirds’ explorer subscription in AWS Marketplace will help customers preferring to procure quickly through AWS Marketplace to accelerate their innovation agenda promptly” said Kris Poria, Co-founder of EarlyBirds.

7 October 2020

Through the Agreement both ThinkPlace and Early Birds will act as a service provider to each other and join forces to develop combined value propositions incorporating service design enabled by innovative technology.  

16 July 2020

The goal of the Agreement is for the parties to join forces, develop combined value propositions and, where needed, intellectual property, and promote those in the form of digital transformation offerings extended through the UAB to its members leveraging economy of scale and reusable assets to achieve further competitiveness.

19 June 2020

Despite this urgent need for cybersecurity innovations for a business enterprise, most companies don’t have the resources, such as money, skills, and ability for investing in cybersecurity for an enterprise. Many companies would have to depend on the products and services of innovative companies that have established as their mission the development of cybersecurity innovations to counter the rising threat of cybercrime.

5 May 2020
  • In traditional risk management, the quantity of risk reporting may crowd out quality, denying executive decision makers actionable insights about what is happening in the business.
  • Today, the dynamic and unpredictable nature of both internal and external business environments requires an ‘intelligence-led approach’ to risk management.
  • An intelligence-led approach is less about the efficient operation of the risk management function and more about informing strategic conversations and executive decision making.
30 January 2020

The current situation in Australia is truly heartbreaking,” observes Penrose. “These are easily the worst wildfires the world has seen in decades, and they have caused unbelievable amounts of destruction. 28 human lives have been lost and countless animals, too, have met their end in these fires. Our hope with the ‘Bushfire Proactive Detection, Control, Management’ challenge is to provide clever minds across the world a chance to literally save the world

7 January 2020

The Early Birds Marketplace offers a way for business leaders to be smart in extending innovation strategies. They can team up with startups and scaleups in a cost effective way by using Early Birds Innovate with Startups™ program.

20 December 2019

The latest trends and insights on Australia’s cyber security have been released!

The reports come at a crucial time with global spending on cyber security products and services expected to increase by 88 per cent over the next eight years, from around US$145 billion today to almost US$270 billion in 2026. 

17 December 2019

Early Birds Marketplace helps to introduce the latest ideas, products, and services to early adopters based on their industry, business function, and the outcome they are expecting to achieve. Their mission is to help startups to attract at least three early adopters within the first three weeks of being listed in the marketplace.

14 November 2019

SaaStock is the ONLY event exclusively serving the SaaS community in Australasia. Last year our one-day event was hugely popular, so like a boomerang, we’re coming back!

This year we’re coming back bigger and better. More speakers, more attendees, more opportunities for you to network with the brightest minds in SaaS.

25 October 2019

Everyone has a role to play in strengthening Australia's cyber security. The Department of Home Affairs wants to gather as many views as they can about the best way to protect Australian families, businesses and our critical infrastructure from cyber threats; enable them to better manage the risks; and support all Australians to benefit from a cyber resilient economy.

24 October 2019

Fempowered is taking tangibly addressing the support women need to start and springboard their businesses. Traditionally, women have a lot more unpaid and unrecognised responsibilities that reduce their freedom to take risks and back themselves. Fishburners is hoping to turn that around and we hope the rest of the startup ecosphere does the same.