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Creating a Digital Transformation Strategy for Banking & Financial Services

22 February 2021

The banking and financial services sector is changing rapidly with traditional business lines being disrupted and substantial monetary penalties imposed for non-compliance. New business models and a cross functional approach to innovation is required. Check how you can accelerate transformation using new innovation models.

There has been significant change in banking and financial services emanating from increased customer demands, the emergence of alternate banking providers, intensified compliance requirements and changes in the law. Traditional business lines are being disrupted and non-compliance or legal breaches attract substantial monetary penalties. This eBook discusses these challenges and evaluates how new business models are emerging to support innovation. A cross functional approach is required to deliver digital transformation strategies to increase competitiveness or set the pace for leadership. Banks and financial institutions can now take advantage of open innovation ecosystem and EarlyBirds framework to accelerate their enterprise transformation strategy and shorten the time and complexity to deliver tangible business outcomes.

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