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Use Cases:

Partner with your dream Early Adopter customers

  • Identify potential early adopters in your preferred market and industry
  • Explore market demand of your solution
  • Engage with the preferred early adopters
  • Secure market interest with your dream customers

Grow Revenue

  • Become viable business as soon as possible
  • Continue to grow your revenue
  • Explore new revenue streams
  • Keep building better customer solutions

Understand the business challenges

  • Understand the top business challenges in your target market
  • Respond to the relevant business challenges in your sweet spot
  • Collaborate with potential business leaders looking to solve business challenges
  • Achieve early commercialisation by solving business outcomes

Speed to Market

  • Don’t waste time with Laggards and early/late majority customers
  • Get access to the Early adopters looking for latest innovations
  • Engage through targeted customer industries and locations
  • Quickly identify potential customers before your competition

Scale your Go to Market strategy

  • Partners with Global and regional System Integrators and resellers
  • Work with Industry and business function Subject Matter Experts
  • Create joint ventures with partners and potential customers
  • Expand and invest into your capabilities into new markets

Access Industry or Business function Subject Matter Expert consultants

  • Consult with our market leading Subject Matter Expert (SME) consultants
  • Collaborate with the relevant SMEs
  • Jointly work with the SMEs to target Early Adopters
  • Bring the best of your solution capabilities and SME expertise to influence Early Adopters

Stay ahead with the most contemporary and disruptive Innovators

  • Be part of the Global Actionable Innovation Ecosystem
  • Be visible to the Early Adopters looking for disruptive solutions
  • Proactively interact with the Early Adopters
  • Influence customer business roadmap and keep building brand awareness

Reach out to the right customer personas

  • Reach out to all business functions relevant to your solution
  • Engage with Technology personas based on their requirements
  • Be visible to the Procurement personas based on their selection criteria
  • Get access to all potential Early Adopter buyer personas

Showcase for funding opportunities

  • Be visible to corporate strategy and investment teams
  • Partner with potential future investors including System Integrators and consulting organisations
  • Raise your investment profile by growing Early Adopter references
  • Advance your business maturity to attract further investments and Early Adopters

More Details on EarlyBirds Offerings 

Self Service Platform Subscriptions:



You can login and list one Innovation, Challenge or Service and search for listed Innovations, challenges and Services. This is free.



You can search and list multiple Innovations, Challenges or Services including Global Innovators search showing 10 results at a time. You can also sell, buy Innovations and respond to any challenge. See current pricing below.



You can have access to everything as per Entrepreneur subscription plus unlimited search of the Global Innovators as well as access to the Disruptor Webinars. See current pricing below.



This covers the whole enterprise instead of limited number of users. Enterprise can get access to a Subject Matter Expert and additional support. Pricing is calculated based on the size of the enterprise and services included.

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