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20 October 2021

EarlyBirds is a global open ecosystem specifically created for Innovators, Early Adopters and Subject Matter Experts. For Early Adopters, EarlyBirds has created a significant big data pool of global Innovators that is increasing in size daily. If you are an Innovator, you can access the platform for free search, locate and claim your company.

12 October 2021

Australia is looking to increase the current level of self-sufficiency and enhance supply chain protection against potential disruption. It is also trying to build an ability to maintain, employ, sustain and upgrade its national capabilities across all sectors supported with essential skills, technology, intellectual property, financial resources, and infrastructure. EarlyBirds says that it is currently working with some public and private sector organizations that are on the journey to build Australia’s sovereign innovation capabilities.

6 October 2021

EarlyBirds says that some key considerations for creating an innovation culture include establishing innovation networks and engaging and collaborating with key internal and external stakeholders. When decision-makers and innovators are given a forum to speak and interact freely, the resulting transfer of knowledge can do wonders for strengthening the organization as a whole. It helps companies achieve continuous improvement, solve business and technical challenges quickly and explore disruptive business models, solutions, and innovations. The goal is to be the first to market and open communication is one of the first steps to achieve the desired work velocity to make that happen. EarlyBirds says it has the platform and services to help companies create an innovation culture or to supplement existing initiatives and processes.

30 September 2021

Street-ready AV systems are in many respects some years away from street-ready testing and commercialisation in any form or format. That said, the company believes the weaknesses identified by COVID-19 in daily life and the potential for AV to be a component of the national response to emergencies may accelerate the adoption of AV systems in ways that are often on the fringe of the AV discussion. Time will tell if COVID-19’s impact will accelerate or postpone timelines for AV’s adoption, but many of the issues and risks highlighted by COVID-19 are problems that AV technology is primed to help solve.

23 September 2021

As an Early Adopter, you are a leader or influencer in your organisation who understands the value of innovation and you have a strong desire to identify new and disruptive Innovators to seize opportunities, solve challenges or create new products and services. Working with EarlyBirds, you can solve challenges and seize opportunities with actionable open innovations from Innovators, including startups, scaleups and mature organizations

14 September 2021

Dealing with climate change has been a top priority for many world governments with numerous countries opting to curb energy usage from traditional carbon-based, high-emission sources such as coal. Industry white papers have shown that coal, the most polluting fossil fuel with the highest CO2 emission, has seen a decline in usage globally with only India and China being the sole exceptions. By 2050 it is expected US coal-fired power stations will only account for around 700 TW hours of energy. An energy producer that is dependent on coal must account for this projected decline in coal power use to have a modicum of a chance to survive in the imminent energy landscape.

8 September 2021

EarlyBirds has established a framework to help CEOs and organisations seeking to become self-learning organisations, where everyone in the organisation is expected to contribute knowledge and have a direct and measurable impact by helping solve problems proactively. The framework developed by EarlyBirds is based on their concept of Edzlity, which is a combination of Edge and Agility.

3 September 2021

EarlyBirds is asking governments to create plans to treat the coronavirus as a long-term threat that is as synonymous as the common flu. The pandemic was just the beginning of the introduction of the deadly strain of viruses into the human ecosystem and measures have to be taken to deal with its effects with the same vigor and vitality that governments reserve for other far more common and seasonal infectious diseases. This onus of preparedness also has to extend to the private sector too as it is not immune to the effects of the pandemic.

30 August 2021

InsurTech and digital innovations have been disrupting the current state of the insurance industry and transforming the habits and needs of insurance customers. The insurance industry has been changing very slowly but now, insurance professionals will need to adopt new technology if they want to progress or remain ahead of the competition.

24 August 2021

The Internet of Things describes a network of physical objects, the aforementioned ‘things,’ that each feature a number of sensors, software and other forms of technology that allow them to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems via the internet. A ‘thing’ can be as simple or commonplace as toys, household appliances and cars or as complex and unique as a specialised industrial manufacturing unit. If it is able to connect with other devices through the internet, it is considered part of the network in the IoT.

18 August 2021

EarlyBirds wants businesses to realize that they need not always focus inside their organisation when looking for innovators who can help speed up innovations. Startups and scaleup companies typically are already developing disruptive solutions, which means that companies that want to pursue continuous innovation, need not “reinvent the wheel.” They only need to find those innovations that startups and scaleups have developed that are applicable to their business. This is where the EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem can help with the continuous innovation pipeline.

12 August 2021

The EarlyBirds Cybersecurity Innovation Map offers a dynamic view of cybersecurity and is broken down into easy-to-follow core cyber themes and subthemes. The definitions of the themes and subthemes are based on generally agreed and well-known industry terms and definitions. The purpose of an EarlyBirds Innovation Map is to provide a continuously updated view, with supporting data, of the discoverable global Innovators within each technology group and their logical themes. Data supporting each Innovator, identified in the map, is collected and aggregated from multiple data sources and updated daily. The type of information available in an EarlyBirds Innovation Map includes the total number of Innovators in a cohort within the technology group, details to identify the company and their offering, commercial maturity, their location and much more.