We help Subject Matter Experts/Consultants to gain more consulting business with our actionable innovation program

If you are passionate to help your customers with disruptive innovations, we will bring startups and scaleups as well as a framework to deliver EarlyBirds’ Explorer and Challenger © programs!
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EarlyBirds’ Explorer and Challenger programs are specifically designed for Early Adopters to turn organisation strategy into actionable innovation. The programs are for brave change leaders and organisations that want to enable their teams to innovate on a day-to-day basis.

We help empower our customers’ organisation and their business functions to take low-investment risks to fail quick and learn fast by trying innovative and competitive solutions from disruptive Innovators. We enable organisation and their teams to be the change leaders by facilitating access to new innovations in their industry by business function and business outcome to achieve business objectives.
The Explorer and Challenger © programs are led by highly skilled Independent Consultants who are Subject Matter Experts (SME) in their respective fields. The SMEs will work with customers including the innovation team, business units, and internal and external stakeholders to define their business challenges. The EarlyBirds team will then work with the SMEs to identify and evaluate potential Innovators that can solve customer business challenges.

EarlyBirds’ Explorer and Challenger Programs:

Explorer – Explorer program is designed to bring Innovation as a Service for the entire organisation including subscription to the platform as well as dedicated Subject Matter Expert working closely with the organisation to identify regular opportunities so that appropriate innovators are introduced on a regular basis to solve business challenges.

  • Access to innovation boost webinars
  • Platform enterprise license​*
  • Nominated SME for Enterprise*
  • Focus on target area of innovations*
  • Monthly/Quarterly Innovation days​*

Challenger – Challenger program is designed to work on a single challenge at a time with the organisation. Five work packages focused on a specific challenge.

  • Identify business challenges and explore available actionable innovations
  • Run by our SME to identify business challenges, then explore potential innovators to match 
  • On the completion of the program, customer will get a roadmap of options
  • Program starts at $25,000

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