Want to build capability with CompetiTive Edge and Agility, we call you an Early Adopter.

As an Early Adopter you are a leader or influencer in your organisations who understands the value of innovation with a strong desire to identify new and disruptive Innovators to seize opportunities, solve challenges or create new products and services.

Working with EarlyBirds, you can solve challenges and seize opportunities with actionable open innovations from Innovators (startups, scaleups and mature organisations).

EarlyBirds is a global open innovation ecosystem that connects Innovators (startups, scaleups and mature) with Early Adopters and Subject Matter Experts - to accelerate capacity, increase speed, and create an innovation culture to solve business and technical challenges.
EarlyBirds helps you to become a self-learning organisation to: achieve continuous improvement across all business functions; resolve business and technical challenges quickly; and explore disruptive business models, solutions and innovations. 

Helping Early Adopters find solutions faster

If you're a leader who wants to embrace innovation for your organisation, gain a competitive edge, validate ideas, and even provide feedback to innovators, get access to over 1 million innovators, from startups to scaleup and mature organisations with solutions for any business challenge.

  • Get insights into global industry innovation capability 
  • Source, analyse and curate global innovators for your solutions, partnerships, and for more use cases 
  • Search and buy innovations, such as proof of concepts and trials, in your industry and business functions based on what business outcomes they provide

Use Cases:

  • Explore new Business Models in your industry
  • Radically Improve and disrupt your business Processes
  • Create new or dramatically enhance your Products and Services
  • Establish an enterprise innovation culture
  • Empower your people to share ideas
  • Provide freedom to your people to try new disruptive solutions
  • Enable a fail fast, learn faster approach
  • Create an organic innovation culture across the organisation
  • Attract new customer using latest technology
  • Engage with your customers more effectively
  • Enhance customer experience to a new level
  • Deliver greater customer satisfaction
  • Explore latest and rapidly emerging Innovators
  • Identify potential options
  • Conduct due diligence on selected Innovators
  • Invest in or acquire relevant Innovators
  • Identify potential growth areas
  • Collaborate with the relevant Innovators
  • Implement joint Go To Market strategy to grow revenue
  • Create commercial advantage
  • Find innovative ways to reduce cost
  • Examine options to improve efficiency
  • Evaluate various technology to meet your efficiency requirements
  • Become a cost effective and more efficient business
  • Discover key challenges and opportunities across your organisation
  • Align key stakeholders to your business strategy
  • Provide access to innovative solutions to the team
  • Build collaboration across key business functions

Role based Innovation:

IT/Technology team
  • Understand the business challenge
  • Be more closely aligned with your internal and external customers
  • Discover and refine potential disruptive solutions
  • Engage with world leading innovators
Innovation Team
  • Expand your innovation capabilities without expensive overhead
  • Turn your organisation’s strategy into business outcomes
  • Stay ahead with digital transformation
  • Resolve business challenges and seize opportunities rapidly
Procurement Team
  • Quickly qualify business requirements and potential solutions
  • Collaborate with EarlyBirds’ open innovation ecosystem
  • Acquire low investment trial and proof of concepts
  • Expand your knowledge of available solution options
Product Team
  • Gain a better understanding of market trends
  • Find solutions to support your product roadmap
  • Improve corporate products with better business outcomes
  • Enhance your products through partnerships and integration
Customer Experience Team
  • Acquire, grow and retain customers
  • Get unique customer insights
  • Better understand customer behaviour and desires
  • Support customers throughout their journey
Marketing Team
  • Explore demand generation trends and solutions
  • Find leading solutions to improve qualification conversion rate
  • Enhance collaboration and enterprise integration
  • Make onboarding more effective and efficient
Finance Team
  • Support the corporate and business unit innovation agenda
  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of your financial capability
  • Support early trial and proof of concepts to reduce cost to the business
  • Stay ahead of your competition by accessing innovation trends
Sales Team
  • Build joint Go to Market capability with emerging innovators
  • Understand latest trends in sales and Go to Market solution options
  • Build better technical as well as competitive solutions for your customers
  • Explore regional innovation capabilities to support your local strategy
M&A, Corporate Strategy Team
  • Get insights of next potential investment opportunity
  • Find Innovators based on your corporate investment strategy
  • Consider multiple options to obtain the best outcome
  • Create an ongoing pipeline of acquisition targets
HR Team
  • Motivate your people through proactive innovation activities
  • Enhance organic collaboration across different business functions
  • Build and maintain an innovation culture
  • Develop and retain corporate innovation skills and knowledge for strategic advantage
Security Team
  • Stay ahead of the emerging threat environment
  • Use cyber security experts to understand your challenges and remedy options
  • Explore and evaluate latest cyber security solutions
  • Try latest disruptive cyber security solutions

Concerned about commercial sensitivities or security? 

Through the EarlyBirds Explorer and Challenger programs, Subject Matter Experts operate in a gig economy model as independent consultants available to work directly with Early Adopters to define and resolve challenges quickly, confidentially, and securely.

The Explorer program - for businesses who need innovation as a service to supplement existing innovation programs, or to conduct innovation projects as required.

The Challenger program - designed to solve one business or technical challenge at a time and search for relevant innovators that meet the business, technical, commercial and business risk requirements.
Through these programs, Early Adopters can also evaluate innovators and create a roadmap for the path ahead. 

More Details on EarlyBirds Offerings

1. Self Service Platform Subscriptions:

I. Basic

You can login and list one Innovation, Challenge or Service and search for listed Innovations, challenges and Services. This is free.

II. Entrepreneur

You can search and list multiple Innovations, Challenges or Services including Global Innovators search showing 10 results at a time. You can also sell, buy Innovations and respond to any challenge. See current pricing below.

III. Explorer

You can have access to everything as per Entrepreneur subscription plus unlimited search of the Global Innovators as well as access to the Weekly Disruptor Webinars. See current pricing below.

IV. Enterprise

This covers the whole enterprise instead of limited number of users. Enterprise can get access to a Subject Matter Expert and additional support. Pricing is calculated based on the size of the enterprise and services included.

2. SME-Assisted Innovation programs


Explorer – Explorer program is designed to bring Innovation as a Service for the entire organisation including subscription to the platform as well as dedicated Subject Matter Expert working closely with the organisation to identify regular opportunities so that appropriate innovators are introduced on a regular basis to solve business challenges. Regular and Custom whole of enterprise solution.

  • Access to innovation boost webinars*
  • Platform enterprise license​*
  • Nominated SME for Enterprise*
  • Focus on target area of innovations*
  • Monthly/Quarterly Innovation days​*

Please Setup a call to discuss investment required


Challenger – Challenger program is designed to work on a single challenge at a time with the organisation. Five work packages focused on a specific challenge.

  • Identify business challenges and explore available actionable innovations
  • Run by our SME to identify business challenges, then explore potential innovators to match
  • On the completion of the program, customer will get a roadmap of options
  • Program starts at $25,000