White Paper Reports

Enabling a Digital Transformation Strategy: Operations & Maintenance

23 February 2021

The operations and maintenance sector are consumers of digital technology, but new disruptive technology is accelerating the rate and scope of change. Learn how to digitize equipment and manage facilities by using the EarlyBirds global ecosystem of innovations and framework to solve these challenges.

Digital technology is not new to the operations and maintenance sector. However, disruptive technologies are accelerating the rate and scope of change. Organisations are assessing how they can recreate and digitize their operations, service and maintain equipment and manage facilities. Operations and maintenance must adopt a new mindset and digital tranformation. It is not sufficient to treat the symptoms of a problem when a holistic approach in needed to address these business challenges. Progressive industries are already using innovative solution to increase efficiency, improve safety, meet compliance and reduce costs. Operations and Maintenance sector can now take advantage of open innovation ecosystem and EarlyBirds framework to accelerate their enterprise transformation strategy and shorten the time and complexity to deliver tangible business outcomes.  

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