White Paper Reports

Enabling a Digital Transformation Strategy: Public Sector

23 February 2021

Public sector agencies are experiencing significant digital disruption. They also face a significant challenge to deliver services to millions of citizens. A clear digital transformation strategy can be enabled by using the EarlyBirds global ecosystem of innovations and framework.

A recent Deloitte global survey of public sector officials found 96 percent were experiencing significant disruption due to digital technologies. Governments face a colossal challenge of delivering services to millions of citizens quickly and efficiently regardless of location, ability, and affluence. They must also consider data security, privacy and public data literacy. A clear digital transformation strategy and aligned leadership focused on developing workforce skills, digital culture and end user needs are essential. This eBook examines key digital transformation themes and discusses ideas of how to create a digital transformation strategy. 
Public sector can now take advantage of open innovation ecosystem and EarlyBirds framework to accelerate their enterprise transformation strategy and shorten the time and complexity to deliver tangible business outcomes.  

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