Insight Reports

Kickstarting Innovation And Collaboration in Hydrogen Projects

30 November 2020

Energy Transition to renewables is occurring at an unprecedented rate with Hydrogen offers an environmentally friendly, cost effective option. This paper uses EarlyBirds big data pool to uncover new methods to make it easier for Australia to adopt Hydrogen.

Energy Transition and structural change in this sector is accelerating at an unprecedented pace driven by net zero emission targets and strategic investments in renewables combined with more challenging access to traditional hydrocarbons. Hydrogen offers an environmentally friendly option to easily transition away from fossil fuels at an attractive price point while improving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) . This Insight paper analyses the application of the EarlyBirds bigdata of Innovators to uncover new methods by which innovation in the Hydrogen fuel industry can be fast-tracked. The aim of this paper is to make it easier for Australia to adopt an energy solution with net zero emissions.

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