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Lead Innovation, Creativity, and Change

The winners of the innovation race will land the next generations of consumers and provide better services to stakeholders more efficiently.

A recent McKinsey survey indicated that 70% of senior executives view innovation as one of the top three drivers of growth for their companies in the next three years. Yet most executives are generally disappointed in their ability to stimulate innovation.

There is no “one size fits all” solution to leading and driving innovation within a team, making it difficult to have a consistent approach.

In this time of continuous disruption, leaders need to solve new, undefined problems. The new leadership shift is less about having the answers and more about creating an organisation, and environment, that allows innovation to emerge.

Providing a team with the skills and tools to innovate, along with the confidence to risk implementing new ideas at scale, is not straightforward. It takes a cultural shift, a leadership commitment, and an aptitude for risk that does not come naturally to a lot of leaders.



That’s where Leading Innovation Summit 2023 comes in.

The first event of its kind, this event aims to provide today’s leaders with the skills they need to encourage and drive innovative thinking throughout their organizations. If you want to ensure that your department or company stays 21st-century relevant rather than a 20th-century relic, this is the event for you..

Learn from the best innovative leaders globally, from departments truly committed to driving internal change and those companies who are getting sh*t done in completely new ways. 

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