Business Talk features EarlyBirds' founders amongst “Disruptive Leaders at the forefront of Innovation and Strategy 2021”
28 July 2021

Both  Kris  and  Jeff  believe  that  there  is  much  to  do in  their  roles  to  achieve  their  vision  and  goals.  Kris adds  that some  of  the  more  important  things  to  do  include  engaging  with  true  Early  Adopters  who  fully  understand  the  benefits  of  being  innovative.  This means moving on from ‘business as usual’, challenging yourself  and  your  organisation  to  actively  work  on gaining a business Edge and defining what it means to be truly Agile.

Business Talk Magazine, features EarlyBirds founders Kris Poria and Jeff Penrose, amongst the Disruptive Leaders at the forefront of Innovation and Strategy 2021. As per the interview cofounders said “how they reached the point where we’re not searching for anything to do for ourselves, but rather how we can give value to our society. The idea and solution we have built, has come from the market challenge faced by both the founders.”  

Kris had his new challenge while working for a big global systems integrator. At the same time, Jeff Penrose was working for a startup who had a unique idea that may have helped  Kris  with  his  assignment. However, due to a desire not to use an off the shelf solution, the company Kris worked for built a solution from scratch, which ended up being a  waste  of  time  and  not  enough  value  for  money for the client. After the encounter, Kris and Jeff saw a gap in the market and recognised  the  potential to  establish  an  open  innovation  ecosystem  that  would  bring  together  disruptive  startup,  scaleup  and  mature innovators  with  early  adopters,  and  subject  matter experts.

To help organisations on their journey they have created ‘Edzlity’   as   a   framework   to   assist   organisations   to   become  Self-Learning  organizations.  Edzlity  was  born  out  of  a  desire  for  organizations  to  gain  a  commercial  or  technological  edge  while  also  having  the  agility  to  change  with  the  market  and  capitalize  on  disruptive  developments. They continually build capabilities and align their services to meet these aims using their platform, products, and programs.

The future objective of EarlyBirds is to realize its vision of  ‘Engaging  Society  in  Actionable  Innovation.’  Using  the  Edzlity  (Edge  and  Agility)  framework, to  achieve this goal. Through a variety of innovation efforts, this was designed to aid organizations in becoming Self-Learning   organizations.   “We   will   continue   to   develop   solutions and align our services to meet these aims using our platform, products, and programs. As our civilization steadily  automates  the  majority  of  fundamental  human  requirements, innovation will    become increasingly essential, and we will continue  to  develop  to  enable  it.”  adds Jeff Penrose - COO and Co-founder.

Both  Kris  and  Jeff  believe  that  there  is  much  to  do in  their  roles  to  achieve  their  vision  and  goals.  Kris adds  that some  of  the  more  important  things  to  do  include  engaging  with  true  Early  Adopters  who  fully  understand  the  benefits  of  being  innovative.  This means moving on from ‘business as usual’, challenging yourself  and  your  organisation  to  actively  work  on gaining a business Edge and defining what it means to be truly Agile. 

“When we meet these people there is instant chemistry and  a  shared  understanding  of  what  is  possible.  Once we achieve this understanding and engagement, we can provide them with the capabilities they need to achieve their own vision and goals.” shares Kris.

EarlyBirds   aspires   to   build   products   and   provide   solutions that demonstrate clear value to businesses and startups. Kris feels the success behind the rise of a firm lies in understanding whom they are delivering to, respecting and listening  to  their  stakeholders  –  Customers  and their teams. “Once you think that you are here  to  serve  them  and make  their  life  better,  you  don’t  need  to  think  much about what you need to do.”  believes Kris.

EarlyBirds provides the market with two options: a self-service platform subscription where customers can find Innovators to help them identify solutions or innovations to their  problems,  and  SME-assisted  programs  that deliver a solution to any business or technical challenge or ongoing innovation as a service. The  assisted  programs  are  known  as  Challenger  and Explorer. The Challenger program is designed to tackle a single business or technological issue in a short period of time, whereas the Explorer program delivers continuing innovation as a service to the entire organization. The   EarlyBirds   platform   now   has   over   1   million worldwide innovators, over 100 SMEs, and over 500 organizations enrolled.